Marion Rosen


After teaching English and Creative Writing in the Los Angeles Unified School District, Marion Rosen focused on writing mystery, her favorite genre.

Death by Education was optioned by Emmy Award-winning Simon Lewis Productions and also published in Germany. Don’t Speak to Strangers, the story of a boy’s terror at the hands of a kidnapper, has also been published in Sweden, Norway, Italy, and Germany. The Undertaker was optioned by Saban Entertainment as a made-for-television movie.

In 1995, Marion was diagnosed with two deadly cancers, inspiring her to write Dance Like Nobody’s Watching. Her true story of courage and survival was praised on the radio by talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Marion has spoken to hundreds of cancer survivors via public speaking engagements and radio spots.

A Kid from Pittsburgh is the story of a boy who ran away from a wretched home life to enlist in WWII at the age of 17. This story earned The Irwin Award by the Book Publicists of Southern California for best inspirational true story of 2009.

Marion’s short story credits include: “Angel of Mercy” published in Murder by Thirteen; “The Donation” in A Loving Voice: A Caregivers’ Book of Read-Aloud Stories for the Elderly; “One Rotten Apple presented in L.A. My Way“Murder Weekend” in Woman’s World; and Horoscope Diet” in Beauty Digest.

Marion lives in Los Angeles with her husband and a strong-willed cat named Melvin. They have three grown children and five grandchildren, all of them brilliant.