Scot Ritchie

Scot Ritchie

Thanks to an artistic father, Scot Ritchie started drawing at a young age. His mother was a writer, and Scot grew up with the idea that he too could write, and maybe, just maybe, he could do what he set his mind to.

Scot is now an award-winning illustrator and author with more than 50 books to his credit. His books have been translated into French, Korean, Indonesian, Polish, Finnish, Arabic, and Dutch. He has worked with the National Film Board of Canada, and his illustrations have been exhibited at the National Gallery of Canada.

Let’s Go!, illustrated by Scot and written by Lizaan Flatt, was chosen as the giveaway book of the year by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre. Every grade one student in Canada received a copy.

Scot Richie has been a judge for a variety of publishing awards, including the Governor General’s Award in children’s publishing. In his home province of British Columbia, The Summer Reading Club honored Scot as artist of the year, and he continues to work with numerous publishers in Canada, the U.S., Australia, and the U.K.

Aesop said “Adventure is worthwhile,” and Scot wholly agrees. An avid traveler, he has two books based on his time in Berlin. Recent trips include Athens and Hawaii.

Scot is a firm believer that there are always new discoveries around the corner or down the road.

He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.



My House is Alive!

“This lighthearted approach will go a long way to dispel the fears of youngsters who have their own list of spooky night time house noises. Recommended.”
Canadian Review of Materials

“Mysteries of strange house noises are demystified in a picture book that brings the science while having its cake, too.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Reassuring…providing good answers to sometimes-unasked questions worrying kids: What goes bump (not to mention thump, gurgle, trickle, buzz, scratch, creak, and crunch) in the night?”

“Little ones who might be afraid of the dark will come away assuaged by this comical yet informative study on things that go bump in the night.”
School Library Journal

“When those next generation engineers and TED Talkers can’t get to sleep, this STEM approach to bedtime stories might just be the answer.”
The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

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